Shopping Cart 3.5: REST + JS


This is the first optional step. Frontend isn't for everyone and developers can get away without it for the most part if the REALLY want to. That being said, this step is still recommended.

It is a fairly free step with most of the onus on the mentee to take this as far as they want. From creating a simple form to a full web application.

Your job as a mentor is to give them guidance on the tools and frameworks for them to use. Try and pick something that is established but not too old, as of 2018 Angular 3? and React are the hot topics.

Something that a lot of developers struggle with is the actual design of the UI. An iterative approach is recommended here and the style will develop over time. If the mentee is very keen on this aspect however, encourage them to sketch out low fidelity designs before attempting to code.


Create a rich frontend that will communicate with the REST api you created in the previous step.

  • You can choose any frontend framework you want. (Angular or React is recommended, 2018)
  • If it’s a javascript framework, ensure it has an appropriate build and package system(s) (Npm/Yarn/Gulp/Webpack)

You can take this step as far as you want.


  • This is more about functionality than form. Focus more on the interactions and less on the style of the frontend.
  • Don’t worry about authentication but you can add this as an extension if you want.
  • Start with a tutorial in your given framework. Pluralsight is a good resource for this.

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