How often have you had this frustrating conversation with your mentees?

Q: "What would you like to learn about? What are your interests? How would you like me to help you grow?"
A: "I dunno, I want you to help me be better at my job"

This certainly isn't uncommon and quite often the result is a few unstructured catch-ups with a some talks about a pairing session later on or a task to complete before the next meeting that you found 5 minutes beforehand in a quick google search of: 'x framework tutorial'. This can leave mentors feeling both overwhelemed and unqualified.
Both new and old mentors have the same issues with deciding on how to approach a mentees study. To solve this we've come together to provide you and your mentee(s) free programs that provide both a problem for you both to work through and instruction on what you as a mentor should come to expect from each step.

For now we only have a section for developers but if you think this style of course is applicable to your profession or discipline, please reach out.